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At IEC, our mission is to have an unforgettable impact on students and communities, enabling them to thrive.

We strive for a world where every student, equipped with the knowledge and cultural experiences acquired through our immersive programs, becomes a catalyst for positive change in their communities and further. 


International Education Camp envisions a future where diverse perspectives, curiosity, and collaboration collide and lead to a more interconnected and harmonious world.

Empowering a Global Generation

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History and Background


IEC Inception

International Education Camp was founded in 2020, with the first camps being launched in Tuscany. IEC is a UK-based company offering English Summer Camps and international excursions for English learners. 


IEC Growth

Since inception, the company has successfully delivered language immersion programs in Italy, Spain, and the UK.


IEC Future 

From 2024 IEC will further expand with camps set to open in Hong Kong, Spain, and Mexico. Our plan for the future is to offer camps in many more countries.

What Makes Us Unique

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Our Team

We pride ourselves in having effortlessly created an incredible team. From our Camp Counsellors to our Directors, all the way to our Creative department, each person has been chosen based on their experience, adaptability and the energy they bring to the team!

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Intimate Learning

We prioritise quality interactions by maintaining a small teacher-to-student ratio. This ensures personalised attention, meaningful connections, and an inclusive atmosphere where students can thrive academically and socially.

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Our Commitment To Excellence

This drives us to create summer camp programs of the highest standard. From curriculum design to activity selection to the songs we sing every morning, we craft immersive experiences that foster learning and personal growth. We hold ourselves accountable to constantly improve and enhance the student’s journey with us.


Doing Education Differently 

We are paving the way for a new future of education. Through immersive learning experiences, intimate connection and having fun students will discover a new way to learn, engage and adopt what they learnt in their own lives.

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