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What qualifications do I need to apply for a camp counsellor position? Friendly Design

We welcome individuals with a passion for education, enthusiasm for working with students, and excellent communication skills. While previous camp counselling experience is a plus, it's not mandatory. If you have a background in education, languages, or related fields, that's even better.

How do I prepare for the role of a camp counsellor?

Once selected, you'll receive training which will take you through all the program material and help you to communicate effectively with students, manage group dynamics, and ensure a safe and enjoyable camp experience.

Is accommodation provided for camp counsellors?

Yes, we provide accommodation for our camp counsellors. You will be staying with a local host family of the students attending the camp, or we will provide you with a shared apartment with the other counsellors.

What does a typical day look like for a camp counsellor?

Your day will be dynamic and filled with exciting activities. You’ll be leading a class of students through our fun program.

How much flexibility do I have in implementing activities?

We encourage creativity and enthusiasm in delivering activities. While there's a structured framework for each program, you'll have the freedom to infuse your unique style and ideas into lessons, games, and other camp activities.

What opportunities are there for professional development?

Our company is young and we are all enthusiastic about what we do and what we are giving out. If you are interested in becoming a more permanent member of the team following your summer with us, we will be happy to open up this conversation!

How long is camp?

Our camps run for two weeks, Monday to Friday. We have camps running throughout the year so we may be able to offer you multiple weeks of work. 

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