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About IEC

Our mission is to empower young minds. It’s plain and simple. That is our number one goal at International Education Camp and we will stop at nothing to ensure that our goal is met. Not only that, we consist of a team of lifelong educators who are dedicated to our mission.

We are here to develop and grow students’ minds and improve their English language skills through the use of fun, play, drama, sports and games.

We believe that every child should be entitled to receive excellent education standards and we are dedicated to supporting this cause.

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Engaging English Lessons

If we learn something new everyday, we learn 365 new things every year (366 on a leap year…). At International Education Camp, our engaging English lessons have been planned and developed in order to enhance the English abilities of our campers. Each day, campers will be introduced to new vocabulary and new language skills both in and outside the classroom.


Games and Activities

International Education Camp is action-packed with an abundance of innovative games, songs, drama, sports, arts & crafts, team-building exercises, water games, whole camp activities, treasure hunts and many more throughout the programme. All of our games are led by native English speakers and have been tried and tested all over the world to maximise the fun whilst learning a language!


Final Performance

The fun doesn't stop with the games, songs and activities! At the end of the programme, campers will be put to the test and showcase everything they have learned in the final performance, which everyone is invited to attend! This is a very special moment at the camp because it displays the key language skills that have been developed and learned throughout the programme.

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